Cloud Backup Plans

Secure, Reliable Cloud Backup Solution for all your devices.

Personal Computer


Per Month

Keep you data safe
Stay safe from Ransomware
Schedule daily, multiple times daily, weekly
PC, Computers, Workstations
Windows, MacBook
One Click full or Partial Restore
1000GB free Cloud Storage



Per Month

Keep Data Safe
Move from one VPS to Another in a click
Virus and Ransomware protected
AES 128/256 Encryption
VMware VPS Supported
Xen Server VPS Supported
Hyper-V VPS Supported
KVM VPS Supported
KVM VPS Supported
Cross platform Restore
Full machine Backup
Full machine Restore
Instant Recovery/Restore
Your Local storage Supported
A Management Portal
1000GB free Cloud Storage



Per Month

1 Server (Linux or Windows)
Virus and Ransomware protected
AES 128/256 Encryption
Compressed /Increamental Backups
Web portal access
Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery
Scheduled or Event triggered Backups
Alerts and Notifications
Your Local storage Supported
1000GB free Cloud Storage

Easy to Install Apps

AES 256 Encryption

Award winning Restore Time

99.999% Uptime

Management Portal

Local,Network,Cloud Storage

Why Woza Web Hosting is Special for Business & Developers

Some of special features on Woza Web hosting that will boost your Business.

30-Day Money Back

Offers money back if disappointed with Backup Software Level of Service.

Management Portal

Web based portal to monitor and administer the backup software

Secure Backup

Woza Backup Supports AES Encryption among other security provisions.

Custom Config

Backup software supports incremental, full backup, MS SQL hourly Backup e.t.c

Daily or Hourly Backup Solution

Secure your VPS or VM by backing up all the data and apps with a different cloud provider. Woza Backup can be automatically scheduled daily or hourly.

Protect any App and Data

Woza Backup running on Laptop, Desktop, Phone, Server or Virtual Machine protects Apps and any data including MS SQL Database Server, Office 365, Files, Websites among others.

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